FotoJessie Fischer was born 1979 in Locarno, later grew up in Zurich, Switzerland. She is now based in Berlin since 2008.

She degreed in Fine Arts with a special emphasis in Experimental Film and Video Art (1997-2000) followed by a Post-graduate Master degree in Scenography (2004-2006). In those years she was an active experimental films artist. Moreover, she acquired further education and know-how at the New York Film Academy and completed several internships in Switzerland and abroad.

She is fluent in German, French, English, Italian and basic skills in Spanish.

Overall, short formats are her favourites, especially when the concept touches art and beauty.

To date she has worked with Directors such as Jean-Pierre Philippot, Ivo Wejgaard, Eva Midgley, Agust Baldursson, Karl Wedendahl, Marco Lutz, Charles Mehling, Steve Ramser, Rankin, Christophe Chudy, Michael Fueter, Maki Gherzi, Jonathan Heyer, Oliver Rihs, Martin Luchsinger, Dean Freeman, Stephanie De Giusto, Fischli & Weiss, Felipe Ascacibar, Luzian Schlatter, Nigel Simpkiss. In every town where it is happening, such as Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, Zürich, Prag, Kiev, Vienna, London, Los Angeles, New York, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. For commercials, music videos, tv shows, and two feature films. Such as experimental art films exhibited at Deichtor Hallen Hamburg, Palazzo Litta Milano or Tate Modern London…. Pretty awesome, right?!